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    Data files

    DM _

      I'm having problems opening data files.  The data files are uncoverted downloads from SAP.  Normally there isn't an issue but today only the left hand side of the datafile appears when I open them in Monarch.  I can see the detail is there in Notepad.


      Any suggestions?




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          Grant Perkins

          Hi DM,


          A few questions that come to mind ...


          Are these pipe delimited files?


          What happens if you try to load them into Excel or Access?


          When you say the 'left hand side' what does that mean? A certain number of columns? A certain number of characters? If so how many?


          Assuming you are loading them using 'Open database' are you seeing the problem during the database assessment phase or only when you get into the table screen?


          Is this an extraction that you have opened successfully on previous occasions? If so, has anything changed in the extraction format?


          Are you applying a model when you open the file?




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            DM _

            Hi Grant


            Apologies for the delay in responding.  More holidays I'm afraid.  Thankfully no illnesses in the family this time!


            Thanks for the queries.  In answer to those that I can remember:


            The report is quite wide, by left hand side I just meant that the data displayed is only the left hand columns.


            I'm opening the spools by the same method I use to open reports I've downloaded myself: File - Open report.


            I'll send you one of the spools as an attachment so you can see what I mean.





            PS Any chance we could revise the board so that you can see what you're replying to when drafting your response?

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              Grant Perkins

              Hi David,


              I responded to your separate email. Spool files can have embedded print control characters that get int eh way of Monarch's analysis. There are some comntrol options in the Options menu - worth playing with them to see what you get, especially if you can see some parts of the report.


              As for the forum - if you reply using the quote marks above the entry you are replying to you can see the text and then delete it before posting if you don't really want to quote.


              Alternatively the scroll bar for the entire window should allow you to scroll down to a section below the post reply buttons which will then show another window that will allow you to scroll through the past posts for the subject in their original order of posting. Does that help you?


              I must admit it was not something I found until I had been using the forum for quite some time ...