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    Read Only Models

    ELevinson _

      We have a number of standard models that we want to maintain in their current state.  We want others to be able to acces them but, if they want to make changes, we want them to save the models under another name.


      Is there any way to make Monarch models read only?

        • Read Only Models

          I'm pretty sure that Monarch does not have this capability, but it can easily be achived by setting your folder permissions to a common shared directory where you have full authority, but your users only have read authority.

          • Read Only Models
            Grant Perkins

            Further to Joey's advice if you have the possibility of considering Version 9 as an update the Linked Objects functionality may offer some extra options for you needs.


            This would be especially the case if you are able to use standard models which require 'personalisation' by individual users. Object linking would offer you the option to maintain the core models centrally but allow users to adapt them for local requirements yet still have controlled central updates available if and when they needed them.


            Combine that with personal model folders and central repositories for master models and you could discover a very powerful answer to your needs.