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    Automating Monarch 6.01

    Neocode _

      I am attempting to automate a process using VBScript and Monarch 6.01.


      I can successfully create an instance of Monarch, but when I attempt to open the report file using

      OpenFile = objMonarch.SetReportFile("ServerShareFilename")[/i]  it fails.  Are UNC paths not supported or am I somehow coding this wrong?  A code example in the Programmer's guide showed this to work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • Automating Monarch 6.01
          tcorley _

          hope this helps...


              • This works for me ***


          Dim oMonarchObj

                  Dim oinput


                   Set oMonarchObj=CreateObject("Monarch32")


                   oinput = oMonarchObj.Setreportfile("SERVER_NAMEDIR     est_monarch.txt", False)

                   If oinput Then

                       oMonarchObj.Setmodelfile ("SERVER_NAMEDIR     est_monarch.mod")

                       oMonarchObj.Exporttable ("c:     est_me.txt")




                       Alert "Make sure all boxes have valid inputs."

                   End If

                  Else Alert "You must Enter A file to process!"