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    Installation problem

    jmcandr _

      I'm trying to install Monarch, and I keep getting the message "Re-enter serial number" on the screen that has User Name, Company, and CD Key.  I put the CD key number in the field (the one that begins with 'D'), but it still keeps giving me that message.


      What am I doing wrong? I don't even see a place for the serial number.


      thanks for any help!

        • Installation problem
          Dee Moore



          The Serial Number is prompting for the CD Key (same thing when installing, different once installed).


          Found on the CD jacket when purchase of the CD has been made, or received via email when a Download purchase has been made.


          It is a 6-6-12 combination of numerics and characters, generally starting with D32...


          Make sure the dashes are present and any 0's are in fact zeros, not the letter O.


          If still having a problem, please contact us:



          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support