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    AmyNRA _

      Can Monarch do anything with rich text file?  If not, can rtf files be turned into anything that Monarch can handle? 


      When rtf files are saved as text files, they retain the tab characters between fields.  Can those be sought by Monarch to delimit a field?

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          There are products such as CutePDF that convert a print stream into a PDF, and Adobe has tools to convert word documents into PDF.  I've never used either in conjunction with Monarch, but Monarch Pro can read PDF files.


          The MSRP batch utility can convert the tabs into another delimiting character, such as an asterisk if that would help you trap your report better.

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            Grant Perkins

            Hi Amy and welcome to the forum.


            I have not played with rtf files for a while but since they contain formatting information and a way that is not Monarch friendly the logical approach is to 'export' or convert to another format. Text probably best, PDF may be OK but comes with some potential baggage.


            If you have columnar data (from a table presumably) there may be some potential for opening the file as a tab delimited database assuming you have a Monarch PRO version available.


            Or maybe prepare the file using the Monarch Utility to make it easier to work with Monarch.


            Or there are other approaches that might be relevant if those ideas don't apply to your problem.


            It's kind of difficult to be specific but if we can point to a few suggestions and you can experiment with the file (no check is likely to take more than a few minutes to just try out) we should be able to evolve an approach that will work for you by a process of elimination.






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              RalphB _

              Hi Amy,


              Like Grant, it has been a while since I worked with .rtf (word doc) files.  When I did, I opened the doc in Word and did a Save As .txt file.  That converted the doc into a nice, clean text file without all the overhead Microsoft adds to rtf files.


              Once saved as a .txt file, I was able to open it in Monarch and work with it as a normal .txt file.


              I found that this was a quick and simple way of working with .rtf files.


              This method was easy to set up in a script to convert rtf (doc) files to txt files automatically as it had to be been ran on a daily basis.





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                DrSproc _

                One of the unfortunate aspects of Monarch is its inability to process RTF files directly... I found a really cool workaround that works for me... and I believe its freeware.


                Download the following RFT2TXT tool...




                This converts your file to readible text by removing all the rich text formating...


                One great feature of the rtf2txt little power utility is the ability to covert with a whole folder of RTF files selectively. Unlike Word which you need to open one by one.