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    command line examples for monarch pro 9.0?

    RJH _

      Are there command line examples for Monarch Pro 9.0? I want to run multiple reports exporting to Excel, creating multiple tabs (one for each report). I also want to add auto-filtering.

        • command line examples for monarch pro 9.0?
          Grant Perkins

          Hi RJH,


          The Help file has some solid information about these topics. The Excel Export Wizard info may help with the core output, put the result of that into a Project Export in a Project File and then run a command line to run the project.


          If each report is different you would need a command line for each in a batch file (presumably you want fairly complete automation?)


          If you are combining a number of different versions of the same report there should be an approach for that as well.


          If you have read the Help and are still stuck then I apologise - but I do like to avoid inventing wheels as a first option!