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    Default export table name

    Glenn _

      I have recently upgraded to Ver 8.0.  My problem is that I have many command line batch files that are automatically generated such as:


      "C:Program FilesMonarchprogrammonarch" "C:Documents and SettingsglennMy DocumentsLPD Spoolsar26.txt" "C:Documents and SettingsglennMy DocumentsduaneAr Payments Importmodsstatment.mod" "C:Documents and SettingsglennMy DocumentsduaneAr Payments Import awdbasear.mdb"


      These exported tables are linked tables from various other databases.  Until v8 this would always create a .mdb with one table named untitled.  Now I am getting various table names which of course breaks linked tables from other databases.  Is there a way to always default the table name to "untitled"?  is there a way to set the table name on the command line?  Where can I find all the command line switches documented?  The help file has next to nothing about command line arguments beyond a few examples.





        • Default export table name
          Bruce _



          Look in the help under chapter 9 using Monarch command lines.


          The command you need is /exptable:[Tablename]


          Were the table name is the table name within the file. Set this to untitled & you should be home free. This was an upgrade as everyone used to complain they  could not change the table name it was always "Untitled"


          Hope this helps,