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    Editing the Default State of a Project


      I think I found a bit of a shortcoming in Monarch, and wanted to see if anyone has an alternate solution.


      I have a project that was saved at the time I created the model using Monarch.  Since then, I used the XPRJ editor that comes with Data Pump to make various modifcations to the project.  Once the XPRJ editor is used, the project cannot be saved from Monarch, or else the Data Pump changes are lost.  A warning stating this is displayed every time I open the project in Monarch.


      At the time I origonaly created the project, there was a default state saved to the model, with the sort order Agent.  Since then, I've deleted the Agent sort, since it is no longer used.


      Now, every time I open up the project in Monarch for troubleshooting, I recieve an error message that the Agent sort is invalid.  I coulnd't find a way to fix this via the XPRJ editor, nor could I change the default state via Monarch without losing the Data Pump settings. 


      The workaround that I used was to edit the project's XML directly, and remove the <Sort>Agent</sort> piece of the <state> tags. 


      Perhaps someone has found a different solution, or there is an aspect that I am missing.

        • Editing the Default State of a Project
          Grant Perkins



          Do you see this as a Monarch problem or something that would benefit from an enhancement in the additional facilities available with Data Pump?


          Seems to me to be a Data Pump matter but I could have missed something as I am not regular DP user.




          • Editing the Default State of a Project

            Good point Grant.  I think the case could be made either way.  An option in the XPRJ editor might be a nice solution.


            Monarch does provide an indirect way to edit default state of a project by changing to that state, saving, and exiting the project.


            Perhaps the driving issue is that it would be nice if Monarch didn't overwrite project settings set by Data Pump.  But that may be very difficult to program.


            But, I can see the value in being able to set the default view, sort order, and filter for a project explicitly. For a given complex model, a user may want it to open up the same default way every month.  He will probably change the filter and sort order as he analyzes the report, and exit when finished.  If any tweaks were made to the model, he will save them.  If he wants the project to open to the same default view next month, he will need to make sure he returns to that default view before saving.


            Just my two cents on the issue...