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    model question for monarch V5

    ennastu _

      I need some advise.  I have a 2 page report that unfortunately is formatted poorly.  The columns are all fields I want to capture.  The problem I have is that page 1 and page 2 each has different columns that need to be captured individually.  So in total I want 8 fields.  My detail template captures the rows I want, but when I set up the columns to be captured as either an append or a header, the table puts them into rows.  In otherwords, field 1 and field 5 (HM & DD) are both in column 1 in the table.  I need them to be separate.  Below I've included a sample of what the report looks like.  If anyone has any suggestion on how I can capture the fields appropriately, please let me know.  Thanks!


      Page 1    HM        BD      AC    XP


      Dept A    $10      $12      $11   $13

      Dept B    $12      $8       $9    $6

      Dept C    $18      $15      $12   $10

      Total     $40      $35      $32   $29




      Page 2    DD      CD    PP    AB


      Dept A    $12    $12    $12   $12

      Dept B    $11    $12     $8    $7

      Dept C    $8     $10    $12   $10

      Total     $31    $34    $32   $29

        • model question for monarch V5
          Grant Perkins

          You have not indicated which version of Monarch you are using but if you have V7 and V8 you should be able to get what you want using the Multi Column Region processing facility.


          Have a look at [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000861"]this[/url] recent topic which is very similar to your requirement, indeed the MCR solution would be identical as far as I can tell.


          If you are using V6 Monarch or earlier you will need a different approach to the problem.


          Does this help at all?






          OOPS! Just noticed from Sunapee's post that you did indicate which version you are using in your title.


          That will teach me to read everything more closely!


          I could recommend an upgrade ....


          I vaguely recall something similar a year or so ago. I will have a search session later and see what comes up.




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          • model question for monarch V5
            Sunapee _

            Not sure about v5, but in v7 I mapped a 6 line Detail template to look for 'Page 1' in Line 1.  Then I mapped each of the 4 line's dollar amounts as individual CHAR fields (The first one was the block of text "$10 $12 $11 $13")(Minus the quotes).  Then I mapped a 6 line Footer Template to look for "Page 2" on the first line, and mapped the 4 lines as single fields like I did in the detail template.


            The result in Table View was 8 fields, each containing the data for all 4 columns in their respective lines from the original sample. (4 fields from Page 1 and 4 fields from Page 2).


            Next I would use the LSplit function to create a calculated field for each of the 4 columns that is contained in each of the mapped fields. (LSplit(A,4," ",1)) for the first dollar amount in Department A in the Page 1 Section.  The result was $10.  Understand this is a text formula, returning the text "$10".  You will have to spin it to numeric if you need it as that.


            I am not sure if the LSplit function was available in v5, if not you can get creative and accomplish the same thing via a more Complicated formula.


            Hope it helps!

            • model question for monarch V5
              Grant Perkins

              OK, I ran a search using "column heading" and found a number of previous topics.


              [url="http://mails.datawatch.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000218#000002"]This one[/url] seems to be close and the link it contains may also be useful.


              For a variation on the ideas in the post linked above, I am wondering if you could capture you Department lines as detail and then Append the entire line of column headings for each page as a single field.


              That would mean that you could then use a function such as LSPLIT to make a connection between the data in each column of the extract and the part of the column heading that it related to from the append field.


              Whether this would be a useful way to go depends on how you need to see the grouped fields for the final output.


              Just the table? Or in a summary? Or as a report?


              Whatever the requirement, and at the risk of appearing repetitive, the MCR functionality in V7 or V8 would make this much easier.


              I hope this helps.




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