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    User Experiencing some Problems with Excel  Export

    apatel0 _

      Hi I have a user using monarch 7 and is trying to export a table to excel and gets an error message stating "The server threw an exception." And that's it.  It doesn't allow her to export the table.  Any ideas?

        • User Experiencing some Problems with Excel  Export
          Burlch _

          I also have an Excel problem.  When I open my exported summaries (there are three Excel tabs in this particular project), Excel reports that "Microsoft Office Excel cannot calculate a formula.  Cell references in the formula refer to the formula's result, creating a circular reference."


          The Excel sheet has not been touched by human hands (Monarch 9 created it for me) and I cannot find any circular reference.


          Anybody know how to get rid of this message.  This doesn't give my users a "warm fuzzy".


          BTW: I love the upgraded Excel exports (except for this little querk).

          • User Experiencing some Problems with Excel  Export
            radford _

            For any interest party.


            This problem also happened to us, Excel 2002, Monarch v 7 & 7.02.


            The Fix in our case  (a fluke guess on my part - if I'm totally honest).


            NOTE:  **Before you attempt to export the data **


            1. Select Table Window

            2. Select Options --> Export & Clipboard

            3. Click the GENERAL Tab

            4. Make Sure XLS Files is set set to "Excel 97+"

            5. Press OK


            Try your Excel export again.....