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    Normalizing data

    Linden _

      Are there any techniques with Monarch Pro 8 to normalize data?  My report detail line is like this:

      Acct   Unit1   Unit2   Unit3

      1234      11      12      13

      2345      21      22      23


      I want my resulting data to be in this format:

      Acct  Unit  Amount

      1234    1      11

      1234    2      12

      1234    3      13

      2345    1      21

      2345    2      22

      2345    3      23

        • Normalizing data
          Grant Perkins

          Potentially V7 or V8 might give you a way using Multi Column Processing but it would be necessary for your unit columns to be defined into equally spaced columns of equal width. (There may be some flexibility available ...)




          Turn MCR on.


          Select 1 row for detail and define the column widths and start position on the row for all the UNIT columns. Paint the detail field position for the UNIT field in the left most unit column only. Paint the field for ACCT on that row. save that detail template.


          Define an Append template for the header row and paint a field for the UNIT1 text and call the field UNIT. Save the model.


          In the table you should now see record for each unit qty with ACCT and UNIT# included.


          Use a summary to present them in the order you require.


          That should do it.


          It might get a little more complex of course with a real report.


          I hope this helps.


          Have fun.





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          • Normalizing data
            Linden _

            Thanks.  Your instructions got me on the right track.  The manual's examples on multiple column ranges do not deal with columns that do not start in position 1, and I did not see how they would work.

            • Normalizing data
              Grant Perkins



              MCR can look a little weird when you set out with it on a new report even if you have used it quite a bit before! It's just one of the odd things about the way we humans see the visual structure of things I reckon.


              It becomes real fun when you need to play with the Start After and Stop Before values for defining where the MCR applies to the report structure.


              I don't think there is any substitute to gaining experience from experimentation when working with those parameters.


              Glad you found your solution.     smile.gif[/img]