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    Error using Monarch Ver 4.03


      I am running Win2k Pro and Monarch 4.03.  I am using a batch file to export my files to dbf's.  More and more I am getting the following error.


      netexec.exe - Application Error : The instruction at "0x00553d9f" referenced memory at "0x78657469". The memory could not be "read".


      Doesn't happen everyday, but at least 2-3 times a week. Any suggestions?

        • Error using Monarch Ver 4.03
          Bruce _

          I don't know the error codes from version 4, but I would check two things before thinking Monarch is


          Is it possible someone else has the dbf file open & Monarch cannot write correctly? The older versions of software did not like updating files when muliple users had the file open. Is the number of records exported very high?


          Is the hard drive starting to act up? Scan the drive for errors, uninstall Monarch & re-install. Your problem comes & goes so I suspect the hard drive.


          Let us know if these help.



          • Error using Monarch Ver 4.03
            MHOBACK _

            Bruce, some of the files I am exporting are very large and others are not. The files are not open at the time of export.  I will try to unistall and reinstall and see if that helps.  I have also begun to see delayed write errors as well.  The dbf files are being written out to a network drive, and I have even considered the network card to be the culprit. But no such luck at this point.  After my reinstall I'll post the results.



            • Error using Monarch Ver 4.03
              Grant Perkins

              None of my systems have a progam called netexec.exe, though to be fair I don't have WIN2k


              I see there is an application called Netexec that allows a windows user to run multiple sessions as you can on Unix. Is this something you have?


              I don't have the Network version of Monarch though, maybe it comes in there?


              Perhaps best to check which application netexec.exe belongs to (if not Monarch) and take it from there?




              • Error using Monarch Ver 4.03
                Marco Viehl


                i saw this error message on machines where the Ram Memory was corrupted (Hardware failure). Not only with Monarch, but also with other software.


                So have you tried the reports on another machine?