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      I am using a multipal tab Spreadsheet which I would like to maintain Excel "AutoFilter" and totals at the bottom of selective columns.  Is there a way to export the table views in Monarch rather than the summaries which have subtotals into Excel while mantaining these Excel functionality.


      It seems the Table Info Screen and the Column Info Screen is the way to go but I am unsure which selections will provide the best results.


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      PUMP 8.5  MONARCH PRO 8.2  EXCEL 2000

        • Pump & Maintaining Excel Formatting
          Data Kruncher

          Hi and welcome to the forum.


          While you cannot create Autofilters in exported Excel files with v8, you can do it with v9.


          As for exporting totals, you cannot do that in the Table view; you can only do that with a Summary. You could spend a couple of minutes and design a summary which might not have exactly the same field order as your table does, but you it's very likely that you'll be able to include all of the fields that appear in your table in your summary.


          One further nicety available in v9 is the ability to export the totals as formulas. If you need to do a little "what-if" with the detail amounts, the totals will recalculate as is normal when working in Excel. Version 8 exports the totals as values, not formulas.



          • Pump & Maintaining Excel Formatting
            Dee Moore



            Please note:


            You must use compatible versions of Monarch with Data Pump.


            Monarch V9 should not be used with Data Pump V8.5.



            Dee Moore

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