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    Export Failed - V 8.02

    MJ5 _

      I am experiencing export failures with code that has been working for at least 2 years.  Sometimes when I first boot up my machine in the morning things work just fine, but later in the day, the same routine will result in a failure.  I also have routines that do mutliple passes through the subroutine using different report files that send output to the same data file and sometimes the code works, and sometimes it just give me an "export failed" message.  I have reviewed the log file, but there is nothing recorded that would give me a clue of why the file wasn't exported - even though the report is opened and the model is okay.  Any ideas???

        • Export Failed - V 8.02
          Data Kruncher

          Without seeing a sample of your code, one idea, based on my personal experience, would be to always use the JetExport methods instead of the older simple Export methods. I've found that converting the Export calls to JetExport calls eliminated my similar problems completely.


          Further, you didn't mention within which environment you're running your code. If it's via VBA, you may find that as you run many VBA programs throughout the day, the code has the odd hiccup. The best I can say here is that a quick reboot at lunch time may help too.


          With running code on v8 Pro, I don't know of the "one right answer" for your problem as described, but these ideas often helped me when I was running code for v8 Pro.




          • Export Failed - V 8.02
            Grant Perkins

            Hi MJ5 and welcome to the forum.


            Are you exporting to Excel or Access or maybe a text based file? (Or something else?)


            Has the number of records/size of the export changed significantly in the last 2 years?


            Has anything else changed in your systems recently?


            Just basic stuff for background information as a starting point.




            • Export Failed - V 8.02
              RalphB _

              Hi MJ5.


              I agree with Kruncher in part that it could just be the odd hiccup running code.  You know how reliable Microsoft software is.   


              I had the same problem recently that you had but I was receiving worse errors than yours at times.  :mad: 


              I have several scripts scheduled to run each morning off my pc before I get in and I was having problems almost every day.  I had our IT dept re-install Monarch 8.02 Network on my pc thinking it may be something with Monarch but it wasn't.   :confused: 


              After enough complaining to IT, they finally re-installed Microsoft software on my machine.  That seemed to have cured my problems.


              I guess what I'm saying, the soloution could be as easy as re-booting and cleaning out memory or it may require software to be re-installed.


              Good luck.



              • Export Failed - V 8.02
                Nick Osdale-Popa

                In accordance with prophecy, I'm in agreement with Data Kruncher and RalphB. As Kruncher mentioned, you didn't specify what environment you are using. If you are using Excel VBA, there's a great add-on tool that can eliminate some of the junk that builds up. I use it whenever a perfectly running routine suddenly doesn't work so well.


                Check out the [url="http://www.apps-pro.com/Utilities/CodeCleaner.htm"]VBA Code Cleaner[/url]. I'm not affiliated with the author whatsoever, but can fully vouch for the tool.