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    "Unable - External Models" message

    Shep _

      I believe I've resolved this by correcting relevant file paths within each model.  Not getting message now.

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      Sometimes when opening a model I get this 'info' message:



      __ DEFAULT[/b]



      I select 'OK' and seem to proceed normally.  What have I done or how can I fix?  I'm not sure what this is prompting.


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        • "Unable - External Models" message
          swheat _

          I know this thread is old, but when I did a search on the error message I have been getting this is what came up.  I just recently started to get the error message listed in the original post.  Shep mentions it was resolved by correcting the relevant file paths within each model, but I'm not sure what is meant by that.  How are they corrected?


          I am on Monarch V. 10.01, and when it was first installed I did not get this message.  However, I have recently gotten a new laptop (because the old one died) and had to have all my applications re-installed.  This message has been coming up since that happened.  Any suggestions for fixing it would be appreciated.

            • "Unable - External Models" message
              Data Kruncher

              Depending on how many model and project files (if applicable) you have, it may be a bit of work, but you can use the Monarch Utility program to fix what are now broken, or non-existant, file paths embedded in your files.


              Select "Manage external references in XML models or projects" to begin repairing the broken links.

              • "Unable - External Models" message
                Grant Perkins

                Sounds like you have some models connected to other models to use the User Defined Functions features (whether you knew that or not!)


                Moving machines may mean that the location of the default UDF model is now different OR any specific personal models you set up are not where they used to be.


                You should be able to see what is going on using the Monarch Utility, specifically the feature to 'Examine and Modify external references.' (External to the current model in this case.)


                I have not had a need to use it myself but I just took a quick look and I think you will find the missing links are presented in red - so the first step is to identify what is not where it was using that visual information.


                You can then seek out the file and enter the new location to replace the old one and that should fix the model.








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