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    Cannot open file MFWFIL32.DLL

    Erwin Sosropartono

      Hello, our IT department just did a migration to a different building within our facility and when I booted my computer in the new location suddenly I cannot start up my Monarch v8 Pro and it gives me the following error:


      Cannot open file MFWFIL32.DLL. File is missing or version is incorrect.


      I have read various postings in this forum but have not had any luck with any of the proposed fixes. I would greatly appreciate any guidance provided.


      Thank you,



        • Cannot open file MFWFIL32.DLL
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Erwin and welcome to the forum.


          From memory the postings and the knowledge base and main Datawatch site support FAQs that relate to the dll error message include some suggestions that the problem could be to do with permissions. The connection with permissions and IT stuff having been recently 'moved' in some way or another is usually quite strong.


          So I am assuming that you and your IT people have already checked that possibility thoroughly.


          I'm guessing you are using a networked version of Monarch? (If it is a local version you should be able to find the MFWFIL32.DLL file on your machine.)


          Sorry I can't offer a more helpful suggesiton.