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    Date issue

    vlad_ske _


      My dates from my report are coming in an unconventional format: mm/dd/yy

      And i cannot transfer their 'types' from character to date/time as i will get null values as the format is out of wack.


      I believe this is a tricky one,


      Any ideas guys?

        • Date issue
          Grant Perkins

          Check out the menu for Options - Input - Date Format. mm/dd/yy is typical US format.


          You can specify the date format used for the input report which is useful if it differs from your system default date format. Fuller information will be available in the Help files.


          The date format selected is retained in the model, so if you have a few odd reports you can set the date format, save the model and have the format retained for all future uses of that model even if you reset the default to 'normal'.


          You also have the option of selecting the date as a character field and slicing and dicing it into your preferred format using a calculated field but generally the Options are an easier approach.






          • Date issue
            vlad_ske _


            Thanks mate much much appreciated