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    File() not giving source file name

    Kris _

      I am new to Monarch and probably have a question with a simple answer.  I am trying to include the source file name in a table and when using the File() calculated field function, I only get the path:  servergar

      instead of the file name: servergarfile1.d36


      Any ideas on why this isn't working?


      Thanks ahead of time...

        • File() not giving source file name
          Grant Perkins



          You don't say which version of Monarch you have but I have checked my V7 and V8 installs and assuming you have set up the calculated field as Character type either would default to a 20 character data field based on a 20 character display length. Your location and name string seems to stop at 12 characters.


          It might still be worth checking that the field properties allow sufficient width for both data length and display - just in case.


          At least it will eliminate the simpler stuff.





          Edit to observe the parallel posting with Todd.