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    Processing Speed

    N_Green _

      I am soon purchasing a new workstation to speed up the processing of large data files through Monarch Version 9.


      We currently use a RamDisk to hold the Monarch and Windows temp folder in memory which has increased the Monarch performance of the current machine.


      Can anyone confirm which of the current range of processors will deliver the best performance in Monarch. I am interested to find out if dual/quad core processors offer any performance benefit over really fast standard Xeon processors.


      • Dual-Core Xeon

      • Quad-Core Xeon

      • Xeon


      I understand that previous versions of Monarch were not multiple processor aware - is this still the case for V9?




        • Processing Speed
          Olly Bond

          Hello N Green,


          Thought I'd offer to help if I can. I know DataPump is multiple processor aware, but I'm not aware of Monarch being so.


          I'll check it out and let you know.


          Best wishes,



          Datawatch Europe