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    Summary Issue

    Will899 _

      I have a report with 5 colums A,B,C,D, and E.


      Column A = An identifier id directly from the report.


      Column B = A numeric value direct from the report.


      Column C = Another numeric value direct from the report.


      Column D = A numeric calculated field (Column C - Column B)


      Column E = A numeric calculated field (Column D / Column C)


      An Example of the data in the summary report is as follows:


      Col. A     Col. B     Col. C     Col. D     Col. E

      43A     -2315     1099     3414     3.11

      43B     1798     1682     -115     -0.07


      The subtotal line in the summary report for the data above currently looks as follows:


      sub 43     -517     2781     3299     3.04


      but I need the subtotal line on the summary report to look like this:


      sub 43     -517     2781     3299     1.19


      In other words,  I need the value of Column E on the subtotal line to be the subtotal sum of Column D divided but the subtotal sum of Column C, the same as it is in the calculated lines from the report.





        • Summary Issue

          Welcome to the forums Will.

          You need to edit your formula on the summary level.


          I believe that you will find that the formula for your measure field E in the summary is SUM(Column E).  You need to change this to be SUM(D) / SUM(C). 


          It can be a little tricky to edit summary formulas if this if your first time.  Let me know if you have help with this.