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    Reading a PDF File

    Lisa Majors

      Can Monarch read a PDF file? If so, how? If not, any ideas for a workaround?


      Thank you.


        • Reading a PDF File
          Lisa Majors



          Thank you for such a quick response. The free Adobe service sounds great, except for sending confidential information.


          I'll look into the other conversion tools also. Does Redwing still exist? I couldn't find it on Monarch's website.


          Thanks again,


          • Reading a PDF File
            Grant Perkins



            If you use the 'save as text' feature you may get some reasonable files to work with in my experience. Same sort of results as cut and paste BUT it does seem to depend on how the pdf was created so may not always allow a model to be used consistently from one report to another with 100% certainty.


            Not a big negative - just something to be aware of.


            If you have lots of columns in your docuemtn that chances are that the formatting will be badly wrong in appearance. (Worst case is that is groups table columns one under the other instead of reading the table as rows.)


            However, so long as you get rows of data in your file it should be possible to come up with a model that can re-interpet the rows back to the fields that were in the original report. LSPLIT and RSPLIT used for entire rows or large portions of entire rows initially extracted as long text fields and then sliced into sepearte fields can work quite well. Also the concept is fairly adaptable and can be created in such a way that it will be usable for 'tables' with a variable number of columns.


            It probably won't always be possible - depends on the original pdf - is certainly worth investigating.


            If you have a sample pdf file or a representation of the file layout after it has been saved as text that you can share I would be happy to have a look and make some suggestions on how you could manipulate it.






            Originally posted by Todd Niemi:

            Lisa, Adobe Reader 6.0, which you can freely download from Adobe's Web site, will allow you to save a PDF as a text file, which you can then open in Monarch. The PDF's format obviously won't be preserved, but perhaps you'll still be able to capture the information you need. /b[/quote]

            • Reading a PDF File
              Bob Cline

              I used Redwing until Acrobat 5.x was released.


              Now I use CZ-Pdf2txt (Google search will get you there).  See convertzone.com


              It works.