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    Issue with PDF File

    TPAUL _

      I have been opening and stripping data from a PDF file with great success for several months. Using same Monarch Model (this was using 8.01 now I use 8.02)

      Just last month I received the same PDF file (Supposedly the same - it could have been made with a diffeent version of Adobe) but the outline is the same as other files. Problem is my same Monarch model does not work.

      I import it with same PDF Import options. Scale = 4.0 -- No checks in Monospace or freeform text. I even tried Changing PDF conversion from 8.01 to 8.02. All to no help. There are still places in the document that are ge=reatly askewed. ANy HELP or direction would be GREATLY appreciated THANKS - Tim

        • Issue with PDF File
          Grant Perkins



          There were, as I recall, some changes between 8.01 and 8.02 to enhance the resolution of the pfd interpreter but if you have not managed to get it to look right using the 8.01 engine there are likely some other issues.


          Have you one of the earlier pdf files that you could try so that you could establish whether Monarch is still OK with those earlier files?


          If it is the PDF (and it would not be a surprise if it is) the best solution previously posted seems to be to open the pdf in a pdf editor (Acrobat being the obvious one but I believe there are one or two options) and then re-save it with a new name. This should recreate a completely new file (not an edit of the old one) and has been reported to be a good way forward.


          There are a number of posts in the forum related to problems that sound similar so hopefully you will find something that leads you to finding a solution if this does not work.


          I would be happy enough to experiment with the fiel but of course it may not be possible for you to release it.