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    Export 2 Summary Windows via script

    Oli _

      Usage: Monarch Pro V 7.01

      I try to export 2 Summary windows to an excel file. I know the script order: *.xls /s


      But the export is done only for the first Summary window. When I export in the regular way it's no problem. I choose in export procedure "export both summaries" and it works fine.


      But when I try to export my Project with the script order *.xls /s only the first summary window gets exported. I read in another topic that I have to activate the summary window and save the project. Because of this it will export the last activated summary window.


      Is it possible to export via script both summary windows in one step ?




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        • Export 2 Summary Windows via script
          Grant Perkins



          From the English version help files for V7. I am not sure if the German help files are complete but assume they will be.



          Monarch V7 Pro Only


          /px:[Export Name]     Specifies which Project Exports should be executed from a project. /px: can be specified more than once to export a selection of project exports



          /pxall     Specifies that all Project Exports within the project should be executed.




          This is from the section called "Using Monarch command lines".


          There are some addiitonal references for even more functionality added at V7.01.


          I hope this is of interest.




          • Export 2 Summary Windows via script
            debijo _

            One way to do it is to save your model with 2 different names.  Open it, go to the 1st summary window & save it.  Then open it again, go to the 2nd summary window and save it under a different name.  Then, 2 cmd lines to export each using the 2 different models. That was the way I used to have to do it.  Still do sometimes.   smile.gif[/img]



            • Export 2 Summary Windows via script
              Oli _

              debjo, thanks for your hint. I saved two projects. No the export functions well.