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    jannerman _



      I've recently installed our new 5 concurrent user version onto our terminal server.  After the initial install there was no program shortcut on either the desktop or in the start menu.


      At this point I had a look at the program installation files and found a setup folder, I ran setup and lo and behold a copy of Monarch Pro installed itself.


      The problem is I've gone into a TS session and try to run Monarch and all I get is a message telling me that the limit of concurrent users has been reached - I can see a single licence in use on the licence manager and it tells me there's still 4 free slots, yet I cannot run the app?


      Please can someone help, a dialogue with your technical support people lead to us picking up this new copy and it's still not working properly.



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          jannerman _

          Ok, just checked rights on the Monarch folder as per a knowledgebase article I have just been reading, I've managed to get past that inital error, now I'm getting an error that MFWFIL32.DLL is missing or an incorrect version.



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            jannerman _

            Can't seem to find the registry key from the first link, the file is on the server however.


            Second link seems more interesting, alas our Win 2003 server doesn't have the services described and the install procedure is pretty much how I'd done it.


            It might be worth mentioning that the majority of our users are using HP thin clients to logon to the server.


            Oddly, the application works if the user is a member of the dom admins group, but that's not really going to be possible for us to set all Monarch users as Administrators of our domain!


            Still digging...

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              Mary Lou Sullivan



              Would you be able to contact our technical support line so that we may ask you more specific information. You may call 978-441-2200 and follow the instructions for Monarch technical support or you may select the Datawatch homepage and select the support tab and then the tech support form. After receiving your form, the first available representative would then be able to contact you to get additional information about your set up.


              Thank you,

              Mary Lou

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                jannerman _

                Emailed sales@ yesterday, have sent same info via the online form!