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    failed upgrade

    Joel Webber

      Hello, I am trying to install the 7.02 upgrade on our server that has Monarch 7.00.


      It fails with the following message:


      Monarch is not installed on this machine.


      If you are trying to perform the maintenance release on a Network version, please ensure you install on the same machine where the original Server installation was performed.


      This mainteneance release does not have to b e installed on Monarch Workstations that are part of a Network installation.


      Maintenance pack setup will now exit.



      This is the server that first had Monarch installed.  I think it is the Network version, how do I tell?


      Thanks in advance,


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          yesb _


          I too got the same problem...

          I've Monarch7.0 in my system and when I tried to install the upgrade 7.01(I downloaded it from the Monarch site )is giving the same error


          'Monarch is not installed on this machine'

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            RalphB _

            When we installed the update, our IT person said he "had to install from the same machine" that was initially used to install Monarch to the server.


            Hope this helps.



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              Joel Webber

              This is happening from the same machine.  Any other ideas?  Do Monarch employees check this BB?



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                Mary Lou Sullivan



                Would each of you be able to contact our technical support line so that we can ask you more specific information about each one of your environments.  You may call 978-441-2200 and follow the instructions for Monarch technical support or you may select the Datawatch homepage and select the support tab and then the tech support form.  After receiving your form, the first available representative would then be able to contact you to get additional information about your set up.


                Thank you,

                Mary Lou