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    Concatenate columns

    Connie _

      I have a report that displays data in 2up format.

      5 columns of various lengths on each side.   Other then running two models, exporting each to EXCEL and combining the two sets of data is there a way to concatenate within Monarch?

      I am working with 8 PRO.


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          RalphB _



          Yes there is.  Create a new calculated field and in the formula put "Column1" + "Column2".  If you need a space between, just put  + " " + in between your column names. 


          It is just like concantenatin in excel except you use the "+" sign instead of the "&". 





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            Connie _

            I understand what you are saying but that adds the two columns together and gives a total.  I want the data from column 2 to post to the bottom of column 1.

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              Data Kruncher

              Hi Connie,


              I think what is you're describing is a multi-column report, wherein a set of fields repeats across mutliple columns, like this:


              [font="courier"]Col 1     Col 2     Col 3     Col 4     Col 5     |     Col 1     Col 2     Col 3     Col 4     Col 5

              R1 F1     R1 F2     R1 F3     R1 F4     R1 F5     |     R3 F1     R3 F2     R3 F3     R3 F4     R3 F5

              R2 F1     R2 F2     R2 F3     R2 F4     R2 F5     |     R4 F1     R4 F2     R4 F3     R4 F4     R4 F5

                /font[/quote]where Records 1 and 2 are in the left column, and Records 3 and 4 are in the right column. Each column has the same 5 fields.


              If this is your situation, you can handle this using Multi Column Regions under the Template menu in the report window.


              You define the number of columns and the width of each column. Afterwards, you define your template within the first column.


              Does this point you in the right direction?



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                DavidS _



                If I understand correctly, you have a report that has two sets of columns, each set with the same 5 columns, and you want to create a single model that gives you, in effect, two rows of output for every input row. If this is the case, Monarch has the ability to define multi-column regions. It's not easy to describe the whole process here, but if you search the Monarch help for "Multi_column" you will find two sections that explain the process.