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    Calculated field help

    Dubrey _

      I need a calculated field that will allow me to seperate a full name into 2 fields (First name)(Last Name)


      Example - How it is



      John Smith

      Joanne Smith

      Kim Kahn


      How I would like it


      First     -       Last

      John      -       Smith

      Joanne    -       Smith

      Kim       -       Kahn


      I appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

        • Calculated field help
          DavidS _



          You can use the NSplit function in calculated fields to separate the fields in the proper name. If the name of your field is FullNameField, then


          NSplit(FullNameField,1) returns the prefix

          NSplit(FullNameField,2) returns the first name

          NSplit(FullNameField,3) returns the middle name

          NSplit(FullNameField,4) returns the last name

          NSplit(FullNameField,5) returns the suffix

          • Calculated field help
            Data Kruncher

            While the offered solutions will work just fine on the sample data you posted, you may need to be a bit careful using these techniques, depending on your full data set.


            If you have multi word last name names, like "van der Beek", or even first names like "Mary Jane", you'll run into trouble.


            Unfortunately, there's often no easy, single step solution for this type of problem.


            Then again, your data may fit just fine with the suggestions above.


            My $0.02.