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    Format problems with export to Access

    M^2 _

      When I export a table from Monarch into Access, the dollar amount fields do not transfer correctly into Access.  For example, the amount field is $21.70 in Monarch, but when I look at the newly exported table in Access, the amount shows up as 21.7


      I know I can easily change the format once I'm in Access, but I was wondering why the formatting doesn't transfer over properly.

        • Format problems with export to Access
          M^2 _

          If anyone has any thoughts, it would be much appreciated.



          • Format problems with export to Access
            Grant Perkins

            This is not an issue I have frequent problems with but your post prompted me to check what is going on and what is to be found.


            The support.microsoft.com site has a few articles related to the loss of trailing zeros when importing to Access from Excel. So it seems this is a known regular event. You don;t need to be using a monetary format.


            Seems to be to do with the import of numerics which as provided as 'text' where the import infers a numeric value is being provided but is unable to to see the data in the characters as the original format is not provided - just the numbers and the decimal place.


            The solution offered seems to be in line with what you are currently doing or, if updating pragramatically, they provide code suggestions about suitable approaches.


            I think the problem is overcome if you are exporting to a pre-defined database. Only if the export/import is initiated by the application feeding Access is there a problem - or at least that is the way I understand it.


            No doubt our resident Access experts can provide chapter and verse on this.


            Sorry it's not better news.



            • Format problems with export to Access
              pranitj84 _



              We are also experiencing similar problems with the formatting once the summary is exported from Monarch to Access. 


              I came accross this thread but I don't think any conclusion was made.  I was wondering if someone could assist us on this topic.