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    Launching Monarch with AS400 RUNRMTCMD

    markglazener _

      I have a report that runs daily on our AS400 that I export to an Excel spreadsheet with Monarch. I want to automate this. When the AS400 job completes, I would like to be able to run the Monarch export in batch via the AS400 RUNRMTCMD. I have used this method to run PC commands before with success, but I can't seem to get Monarch to run this way.


      I submit the same PC command either through a DOS prompt or in a bat file on the PC where Monarch resides and it works fine. From the RUNRMTCMD I get no error but also no results.


      Here's the command I am trying to run:

      C:Program FilesMonarchProgramMonarch /rpt:"y:BlockRpt.txt" /mod:"C:Program FilesMonarchModelsBlock Report.xmod" /exp:"y:BlockRpt.xls" /T