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    Autoscript Export to Excel

    Oli _


      I want to export Projects with monarch pro 7 to excel

      I use 3 Projects and every Project should export to the same excel file and to a special worksheet within the file.


      The result in the excel file should be:

      worksheet 1,2,3

      In Worksheet 4 I make calcualtion using the information in Worksheet 1-3. So the Worksheet 4 never should be changed.


      What is the Paramter for the export to excel to add and to name a worksheet to the file.


      Kind Regards


        • Autoscript Export to Excel
          mclark _

          Hi Oli,

          Are your projects setup to overwrite the existing excel file or add to an existing excel? It seems like if you use the "Add Data To File" on the first portion of the export setup then use "Overwrite existing table" for worksheets 1,2,3 on the second portion of the export setup, then worksheet 4 should remain unchanged. Have you tried that?