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    Monarch to MSAccess--Please Help

    Guy Chowning

      I have a recently ran into a problem that I have never had to deal with before. I have reached the

      max row capacity using Excel and now I must export to Access. I am running Windows XP MS Office Professional.


      Each day I have 9 report files which are ran and saved on the server via  nightly job stream written in a unix script.


      I have used the OLE within Excel to automate this task and some VB to achieve the end result.



      My problem is I do not know the proper synax to use when exporting to MS Access.

      Here is what I need to do.



      File_01 Model_01 Summary_1

      File_02 Model_02 Summary_2

      File_03 Model_03 Summary_3

      File_04 Model_04 Summary_4

      File_05 Model_05 Summary_5

      File_06 Model_06 Summary_6

      File_07 Model_07 Summary_7

      File_08 Model_08 Summary_8

      File_09 Model_09 Summary_9


      I need to export the Summary_1 through Summary_9 to MSAccess, the file being exported to is named




      The first summary, Summary_1 should overwrite the existing, "Master.mdb", while the remaining


      summaries 2 through 9 should append to Master.mdb


      After that is accomplished I can then applied my remaining macros to finish the reporting.



      Can anyone please give me the proper commands to accomplish this step. Opps almost forgot to say


      that the above will be in a macro with in Excel.


      (Also the programmers guide is sorta unclear to me)



      Any help will be greatly appreciated.