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    Access VBA Spreadsheet Import Issue

    mbf _

      I have VB code in Access that opens a Monarch Project and exports either a summary or Table to an excel file.  I then want to import these spreadsheets into Access tables.


      However, Monarch exports these tables to Version 2.3 excel which is not supported in the Access 2003 Transfer Spreadsheet Command.  That starts at Excel 3.0.


      Is there a way to specifiy the version of Excel that Monarch writes to from VB.


      The code I have is:

      Call Monarch_Launch

      openfile = MonarchObj.SetReportFile("C:TempNonRenewCounts.xprj", False)

      If openfile = True Then


      MonarchObj.ExportSummary "c:     empNonRenewCounts.xls")


      End If