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    Updated Programmer's Manual

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      Not sure if this is mentioned or not, but there is an updated  [url="http://www.datawatch.com/pdf/products/monarch/Monarch_8_Programmers_Guide.pdf"]Programmer's Manual[/url] available for Monarch V8.


      Added Methods:






      SetRuntimeParameter()[/b] is going to be a huge advantage for some of my Excel routines. No more writing to a .TXT file as an import source!



      Now, when is the Function Guide going to be updated?  I'm having a hard time finding all the info on the improved/newly added functions.   

        • Updated Programmer's Manual
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          Is there a Function to set the new v8 feature of "User Edited Fields"? 


          Also, does the FindText() method only work in the Report Window or can it also be used in the Table Window?


          If not, then I could set up a Filter based on a RunTime Parameter, and then use that as my "search".


          What I'm ultimately trying to do is combined data rows based on the "User Edited Field" using a Summary.


          Such As:

          [font="courier"]Job    Hours    User Filed

          1      10       

          2      15       

          3      15       

          4      15        /font[/quote]Then using a runtime parameter with a filter, I can keep applying the filter to look for the Job Numbers and return this set:

          [font="courier"]Job    Hours    User Filed

          1      10       1

          2      15       1

          3      15       3

          4      15       4[/font][/quote]Then use a Summary based on the user field and combine the rows as such:

          [font="courier"]UserField    Hours

          1            20       

          3            15       

          4            15        /font[/quote]Does all this make sense? Is it workable?