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    Page breaks

    D Batey

      Is it possible to export page breaks from the summary window so that they can be picked up in Excel?


      I have a report that I have read into Monarch (7.01) and created a summary with page breaks and summary totals after each key value changes.  In Monarch the print preview shows exactly what I need.  But ideally I would like these page breaks to pass into Excel so that printing from Excel will work too.  Is this possible?


      Failing that can I create seperate sheets in Excel based on the name of a key variable?  That way I could then print the whole workbook (although it could be enormous then!)





        • Page breaks
          drobert _

          Sorry for digging-up the dead.:eek:


          I am not sure about Excel, but I can speak for PDF creation and version 10 Pro... the page breaks look great in Print Preview but don't show up in PDF. It's disappointing that the option "Insert page breaks when printing" does not get used in PDF (it's supposed to reflect the printed page, isn't it:confused:). Ironically all other page setups are reflected in the PDF, sometimes better and more accurately then the Print Preview.:rolleyes: