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    Yvette _



      I am new at using monarch and I have a question. I have a file which I was able to format with Monarch but I would like to be able to capture the header because I need to know the billing cycle i worked on and the date of the report. How can I do this?

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi Yvette and welcome to the forum.


          Is you header on each page or just the flag page at the start of the report? (Or something else?)


          I am guessing it needs to be either an Append template or the special Page Header form of an append template.


          Have you already looked at those possibilities?


          Once you can trap the area you need it should be a regula field mapping job to define the fields and extract the content - hopefully.



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            Yvette _

            Thanks a Lot Grant. I did it with an append query and it worked just fine.