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    Monarach as OBJECT

    selwobevets _

      I have a script written that creates monarch as a .com object such as...



      I can open the object, open a file, open a model....but I can't use the SetRuntimeparameters.  When I try this I get an error message that this method is not allowed in version 6.1-use version 8.0.  However, I have 8.0 pro...so any ideas?




        • Monarach as OBJECT
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          Welcome to the forum, Selwobevets!




          After setting the object, add this code

          [font="courier"]MsgBox MyObject.Version()

          END[/font][/quote](the END is just there to prevent the rest of the code from running)


          This will report on what version of Monarch the object is actually creating. If it's not version 8, you may need to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of Monarch 8, making sure all previous versions of Monarch are gone.



          HKS, I suggest you do the same, your problem maybe related.

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            selwobevets _

            I was able to resolve my problem-it was a error in my script.  I'm using WINBATCH to set up Monarch as an Object-open a file, open a model, set runtime parameters and then change to a summary-print that summary, change to another summary and export that summary.

            In short, this picks up a file from an ATM network processor, strips off the surcharge information and then exports the data in a dataformat that we can posts back into our mainframe (as a credit union we wanted to just refund all these surcharges back to the members).

            Well-we have been doing this for over a year and just wanted to automate the process using Monarch as an Object-well, it works! 

            I was hopeing to post the general code here but this board doesn't allow certain symbols....so oh well.