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    Monarch and PDF files

    Becky _

      I've used Monarch a lot on .txt files, but have not yet been able to use a PDF file.


      I'm using Monarch Pro 8.02 -- which should be able to extra PDF files.


      I've used a couple different files, from a vendor, and created ourself (on a copier that has e-mail ability).  When I open the file(s) in Monarch I see absolutely nothing -- just blank pages.


      I don't know if it's something in Monarch I need to change, or if the PDF files I'm using aren't really meant for that purpose.  I believe there are many different forms of PDF files -- although I don't know how to recognize them, or know which ones Monarch can or cannot use.


      I have a sample file I'd gladly send someone.  I'm just having a tough time even getting started since all I'm seeing is blank space.

        • Monarch and PDF files
          Grant Perkins



          I'm with Todd here.


          You could quickly check the basics by taking one of you familiar Monarch processes, export a Table or Summary to create a PDF file (PDF is one of the export file type options) and then open the newly exported file in Monarch. Yep, I know it's a cheat really    but it will give you some insight about what to expect. The only downside is that it will be nicely formatted and not all text content PDFs are, but you have to start somewhere!