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    Help with trap/template.

    stembe _

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to figure out how best to extract the detail information I need from a report. See sample below.



      Item Number        Description              Site     ABC   Qty On Hand UM            GL Cost     Ext GL Cost                           




      --- -

      -- -



      33021850AMPA       BOOT (MD. PARCHMENT)     3500     C         7,344.0 EA            0.30151        2,214.32                           

      33021850APA        BOOT (LT. PARCHMENT      3500     C           648.0 EA            0.31017          200.99                           

      33022645B          WEB GUIDE                3500     C        20,195.0 EA            0.16177        3,267.04                           

      33024058BMFL       RET.COVER-RH"CUT"        3500     C           594.0 EA            0.73111          434.28                           

                         (MD. FLINT)                                                                               

      33024058BMPB       RET.COVER-RH"CUT"        3500     C           216.0 EA             0.6029          130.23                           

                         (MD. PEBBLE)                                                                               

      33024059BMGH       RET.COVER-LH"CUT"        3500     C            40.0 EA            0.72303           28.92                           

                         (MD. GRAPHITE)                                                                               

      33024059BMPB       RET.COVER-LH"CUT"        3500     C           108.0 EA            0.61044           65.93                           

                         (MD. PEBBLE)                                                                               

      35422LGRN          TONGUE COVER (GRANITE)   3500     C           665.0 EA            0.02933           19.50                           

      35422LMFL          TONGUE COVER (MD. FLINT  3500     C         4,800.0 EA            0.05443          261.29                           

      35422LMPB          TONGUE COVER (MD.PEBBLE  3500     C         4,800.0 EA            0.05365          257.51                           

      35422LTT           TONGUE COVER             3500     C           472.0 EA            0.04492           21.20                           

                         (TITANIUM)                                                                                /font[/quote]As you can see, the item description for certain items appears on a second line. I am having trouble trying to attach it to the correct item (above it). Any ideas on how I can do it?




        • Help with trap/template.
          Grant Perkins



          It looks like you need to make the description have multi-line field potential.


          Check out the help information for the ADVANCED tab on the Field Properties dialog.


          Specifically you should benefit from looking at the 'End Field On' options.


          Very powerful features and well worth becoming familiar with them so I would encourage you to spend a few minutes playing with different options so that you can see the different effects.


          I hope this helps. Let us know if you are still having problems afterwards.




          • Help with trap/template.
            stembe _

            Thanks Grant, I got it. I had played around with the Advanced options before posting, but somehow could not get them to work. Maybe I was doing something stupid. Anyway, it now works!