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    Lynette _


      I have just installed monarch pro 7 and have a couple of questions:


      The table extract from my report reads


      ABC123456   CRLU9876543

      ABC123456   TRLU7895676

      ABC987654   TRLU7895676


      is it possible to have the summary file read

      ABC123456    CRLU9876543   TRLU7895676

      ABC987654    TRLU7895676


      Secondly is it possible to do a count as follows:


      ABC123456  1

      ABC123456  2

      ABC987654  1


      Kindly revert. Regards,

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          Nick Osdale-Popa

          For your first question, in the summary definition, go to the properties of the field and select the Display tab.  Then select the option to display across.


          As for the second problem, I'm not sure I understand it properly, or maybe somebody else has an idea.

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            Lynette _


            Using this option give me details in the header.. just as was availbable with PRO 5.


            I want it like a crosstab...

            Please revert.

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              michaeljul _

              Just sent you a private message - suspect we work for the same company - I may be able to help, but think we should use our own network to discuss the details

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                Dan Cleveland

                Answer to second part. Make a calclated field in your table with formula

                called "Any name"

                iff(value1 = 'ABC123456' and value2 = 'CRLU9876543',1,0).and. etc... In the summary, pull value1 with "any name" in Measures.

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                  Lynette _

                  Guess its easier via excel especially with an everchanging database. Thanks anyway.

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                    Grant Perkins



                    It occurs to me that if your original report is structured in a suitable way you might be able to extract the detail into a single (multi line?) field and therefore achieve what you want in the table without the summary.


                    However I am speculating since I have not seen the original report.




                    Originally posted by Lynette:

                    Guess its easier via excel especially with an everchanging database. Thanks anyway. /b[/quote]