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    Monarch V8 Export Multiple Summaries

    jenmac _

      I've been trying to export a file to Excel using Monarch V8 and Excel 2003.  When I was using V6 (just last week), all my summaries exported as one spreadsheet with multiple worksheet tabs.  Now, however, each summary is exporting as it's own worksheet. I did save these models in the xmod format.


      Since I'm new to V8, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or is this the way it works in V8?  I have some models that have as many as 14 different summaries, and I certainly don't want them all exporting to their own spreadsheet. Please, can anyone help?  Thanks so much!

        • Monarch V8 Export Multiple Summaries
          Grant Perkins

          Hi jenmac,


          In V8 you have a number of options that can be set for exporting including whether to export multiple summaries into separate files or separate tables (worksheets) in the same file. You also have the power of Project Exports to play with!


          There is a wiazrd to help with setting up exports from within Monarch. If you are batch exporting with a script there are several new parameters available to control the process.


          The subject is a large one. I find the included help very useful when I activate a part of this process I use irregularly and I highly recommend a browse through it if you have not already done so.


          Do a search for "Export" and then have a good look especially at the section entitled;


          Exporting a Summary to a new file




          Exporting Multiple Summaries.


          See how you go with that for a start. I think it may be that you simply need to update some of the parameters which provide for new controls within the process. I'm guessing it won't take you long to make the changes. Have you used the Monarch Utility to update old models to the V8 specification?


          I hope this helps in some way.


          Let us know how you get on.





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          • Monarch V8 Export Multiple Summaries
            jenmac _

            Thanks for the info.  I've tried everything you both said to do, but I'm still only getting the one worksheet for the summary I'm on when exporting. Also, now the summary doesn't have any of the formatting or totals it had before.


            When using the Export Wizard, under General I select All summaries and check the Table button. Then I select all filters.


            Under File Info, I Save As Tables in File BG_PV_P01_PD.xls and choose the Monarch Export file as the destination. 


            On Table Info, Table Names prefills with Based on filter names and Existing Tables prefills with Total (the name of my filter).  Nowhere is there anything regarding the summary names (Salesperson_Summary, Ad Count, and Locations).

            I run the export and when I check the Excel file BG_PV_P01_PD.xls, the only tab in the spreadsheet is Total. And, that's less the formatting and subtotals, and totals. I think I must have really screwed this one up!


            What am I doing wrong? I'm just about ready to go back to version 6!


            Thanks for any further help!



            • Monarch V8 Export Multiple Summaries
              jenmac _

              Todd, THANKS so much for your help! This time I chose Summary "all summaries", and I saved it as Tables in file: BG_PV_P01_PD.xls. On the table info screen, Table Names prefilled with "based on summary names" and Existing Tables prefilled with "Ad Count, Salesperson_Summary, and Locations".  It exported a spreadsheet with 3 workbooks (yeah!!!) and all the formatting was correct.  BTW, my filter did work with it.?


              I have a feeling I'll be back to this forum again! This has made my day -


              Thanks again!