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    8.02A Bug Fix Update Problem

    Bradl Vogl

      My 9/6 post (see copied messages below) resulted in DataWatch sending me the 8.02A update that was to correct the stated bug of 8.02.

      Upon running the 802A file it responds with "This Program is Unlicensed".

      I spoke with a support person (Mary? don't remember exactly). She walked me through a Monarch remove and reinstall. The same error came up. She then had me remove the Monarch program and remove some registry items. Upon reinstalling the program I received the same "Unlicensed" error.

      At the time I told the support person that I would use the original program and not install the update.

      I now have a need for the additional PDF enhancements of 8.02 and , obviously, I'm looking at the same install problem.

      The program was originally installed and resides on my workstation.

      Can someone provide a solution to install the 8.02A without the error message?


      Brad Vogl



      I have been using a project for a few months on a daily basis.

      .csv file database......export to Excel.

      Running it today brought up all (null) values in the the cells.

      I looked at the database setings and there was a check mark for:

      "First row contains column names"

      The first row does not contain column numbers.

      I unchecked it and the data displayed fine.

      I saved the model and project with the unchecked setting.

      Upon starting the project again I had the same issue.

      The box was checked.

      How do I save the setting as unchecked?

      Appreciate any help.



      Brad Vogl

      Hi Brad,


      By the sounds of it, you've stumbled upon a bug, but there's a fix.


      Hope this helps you resolve the problem.



        • 8.02A Bug Fix Update Problem
          Dee Moore

          Hi Brad,


          Generally the Unlicensed Version error will occur:


          If the product was installed under a different Username than the User that is going to be logged on and using Monarch.....


          If the User was not a Local Admin during installation.....


          If the User does not have access to the Monarch Registry Items.....


          Monarch works with the Registry related to HKey_Current_User and HKey_Local_Machine (as well as other Shared Items).


          HKey_Current_User is related to the User that is logged on. So, say your IT Dept. installed Monarch logged on as Administrator. Then you log on as yourself. The Unlicensed Version error will pop up because you will not have the same Registry Items available to you as the Administrator.


          If your Co. policy does not allow you to be a Local Admin, these rights will need to be granted for the installation. They can be edited after installation, however, rights to the Registry Items will need to be granted regardless of the local Machine rights.


          If rights are not granted to the necessary Registry Items, the Unlicensed Version error will be thrown.


          When this error is thrown trying to install an update, it means the Registry Items and associated files needing to be updated cannot be seen/found because of one of the above reasons, or because there is something else going on with the OS.


          One way to test is to install to a different machine and see if the same errors are being produced.


          I hope this is helpful.


          Dee Moore

          Datawatch Tech Support