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    Time Duration, Not time of Day

    Mike B

      I'm trapping a time value in the MM:SS format.  When it is mined it comes back as a time of day.  For example if I trap 5:23 meaning Five Minutes and Twenty Three Seconds it is importing as 05:23 AM.  How can I fix this?

        • Time Duration, Not time of Day
          Data Kruncher



          There are likely a number of possible solutions for this - here's mine.


          I'd break it down to trap hours (if you have that), minutes and seconds. Trap each one as a numeric field, DurationHours, DurationMinutes, DurationSeconds. Then build a calculated character field named Duration:

          [font="courier"]Str(DurationHours) + ":" + Str(DurationMinutes) + ":" +Str(DurationSeconds)  /font[/quote]Should you need an overall total you can total the numeric pieces and do some math to derive the total.


          Does that work OK for you?



          • Time Duration, Not time of Day
            Mike B

            I think I actually figured out something a bit simpler.  I simply kept the formatting that monarch gave me in the TIME OF DAY format.   Since I'm exporting to an Access DB, I set the formatting in the database to HH:MM.  It then displays the data fine there.


            Thanks for the help