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    Can I upgrade 6.0??

    sq764 _

      I bought Monarch on ebay with hopes to use it for pdf files, but found out 6.0 does not support it. Is there an upgrade to 7.0 that I can get from 6.0?


      Or do I have any other options?

        • Can I upgrade 6.0??
          Bruce _

          I suggest that you get 8 and then update (free) to version 8.02 for the best pdf report handling. Version 6 is now quite old and never had pdf support.



          • Can I upgrade 6.0??
            Grant Perkins

            I will echo Bruce's recommendation and add that you will need the Pro version not the Standard version.


            If you have the need to extract the text from PDF files for analysis of the data the cost of Monarch is not great considering what it can do for you.


            But it you want the ability to edit PDF files that are based on graphics images rather than text containing the data you require you will need an application that can manipulate the graphics blocks and perhaps offers an OCR functionality to try to extract the text from the graphics. That is a much longer and less reliable process due to the nature of OCR requirements.


            Hopefully the extractions you need to make are from text rather than graphics in the pdf files.