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    Problems installing Monarch 7 / 7.01

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      I was trying to install the 7.01 patch on a Win98 machine and for some reason it did not take.  So I uninstalled 7.0 but it didn't remove the program, because when I tried to reinstall it, it said that it was already installed.  I told it to remove it but still no go.


      At this point I was at a loss, so I (probably mistakenly) deleted the Monarch folder.  Now Monarch 7 only installs in a WindowsProgram folder and when i try to run it, I get

      "This program is unlicensed" error.


      How do I fully clear out Monarch so that I can install it properly?


      This is a full, non-network version of 7 Pro.