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    Unicode Text - Using IBM ISeries Navigator

    Peyton Sweat

      We have recently upgraded our AS400 from Operation Navigator to IBM's newer ISeries. We use this application to get reports from our AS400 into an electronic text file for Monarch. In short the difference is that the new IBM ISeries exports files in a "Unicode Text format". Our current Monarch Models are not working with these Unicode Text files. When you open the "Unicode Text file" in the Monarch Report window, it appears that there is a space between each character, however, looking at the document in Notepad and comparing to a regular text file you cannot visually see the difference. The only way you know is that the Unicode Text File size is approx double the file size of a regular Text file.  I did find out from our IT group that some applications are not compatible with Unicode Text and do not play the Unicode game very well. Monarch being one of them. The work around is that we are opening the Text file with WordPad and doing a Save As a Text File (non Unicode Text file). This work around does enable us to use the existing models. Is there a fix in place that will allow us to eliminate the additional step? We are currently on Monarch Version 7.

        • Unicode Text - Using IBM ISeries Navigator
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Peyton,


          I'm not familiar with the IBM products you mentioned but it seems to me there is a good chance that the latest release of Monarch version 8 (8.02) would solve your problem.


          UTF 8

          UTF 16 LE

          UFT 16 BE


          are supported in that release and I would imagine that should provide the solution you need.






          • Unicode Text - Using IBM ISeries Navigator
            Chickenman _

            Hi Peyton,


            The exact same problem manifested itself when installing V8 under XP - prviously, i5 files dragged from iseries Access worked fine in V7 under Win2000.


            We solved by opening the text files and saving as ANSI. Then Monarch 8.2 apparently fixed this glitch completely.

            • Unicode Text - Using IBM ISeries Navigator
              mvdiablo _

              I also had the same problem, but my IT manager came up with a very simple solution that completely solved the problem. We found that if you right click on the .txt file with your mouse you will see an option to export the file to wherever you want to put it. For some reason, this action of exporting the file, instead of dragging and dropping it, completely eliminated the unwanted spaces.