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    Server Migration and Models

    Chris Yauch

      Currently we are using Windows Server 2000 w/ SP4 and Monarch v5.02.  Within the next month, we are upgrading to Windows Server 2003.  The client machines of our programmers have been upgraded to XP w/ SP1, and soon to SP2 (yes, upgrades are slow around here).


      Our programmers currently use Monarch 5.02 on the XP boxes without a problem.  However, I have several questions regarding the upgrade:


      1.  Will 5.02 run on a Server 2003 box? 

      2.  If we upgrade to v7 or v8, will our existing v5.02 models work in v7 or v8 without changing anything? 

      3.   Is there anything else our group should be thinking about / looking at with regards to the server OS uplift and Monarch? 



      We rely heavily on Monarch for stripping data from numerous mainframe RDS reports.  Because of this, our group is scouring any and all sources of info trying to identify possible issues, and present this info to the IT dept so they are aware of it also.  Not only is the server OS and Monarch software going to be upgraded, but also our SQL Server backend.  Again, due the massive change happening, we want to limit problems as much as possible.  Any help / info would be appreciated.  Thanks.   If I need to provide more info, will do.  Thanks again.