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    Creative Genius? - Aggregates in Calc Field

    mclark _

      Here is my problem. I have a calc field that has a total time but it doesn't appear that I can use Min or Max functions in the calculated field in the table window nor can I use calculated fields in the summary window. I end up exporting this out and doing calculations in other programs but I don't want the user to have to do this. Any ideas on accomplishing this with Monarch?

      [font="courier"]Surgeon     Date     Surgery Time     CalcTotal

      Dr. A     1/12     8-9          1 hr

      Dr. B     1/12     10-2          4 hrs

           1/13     9-11

           1/13     12-1          

      /font[/quote]For 1/13 Dr.B's total time needs to be from 9-1(4 hrs) not 9-11(2)+12-1(1) which would equal 3.

      In the summary window I can get Dr. B's Min(9) and Max(1) for 1/13 but can't calculate it. Any Takers?    :confused:


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