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    Batching with Autoscript vs Project Files

    Bob Cline

      Ladies, Gentlemen and fellow script writers,


      Over the years, we have been using Autoscript along with DOS scripting to control batch operations using Monarch software.


      With Autoscript, we have been able to open multiple instances of Monarch, multiple report files, (and reference databases), use multiple model files, export in multiple file formats and invoke VBA functions.  Autoscript has provided the ability to deliver a 'one click' launch to our users yielding a polished output.


      We really never needed to use (or understand) the capabilities of project (.prj) files.


      The recent enhancements to Monarch 7.x (in the form of syntactical scripting changes) have me wondering if we should continue to operate with Autoscript or get up-to-date on the capabilities of Project Files.


      Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


      Thank you!

        • Batching with Autoscript vs Project Files
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Charleston,


          My personal opinion is that the Project concept can make aspects of script creation and maintenance easier (and allow filters to be built in if you are using the Pro version and reading databases directly). Within that the 'Export Project' feature adds significantly to the reporting flexibility - probably eliminating a lot of repetitive scripting - and does so under the auspices of the model/project combination.


          For example I can open a Project that identifies a number of database files and a model and will create a table and all the summaries required and then use "Project Export " to export my choice of Table and (selected) summaries specifying whether or not I want to export the summaries at all levels, where to send them and whether or not to overwrite or append to any existing files (or not export).


          Now it is possible that your requirements are such that the new features give you little or nothing beyond what you can do already. Batch processing scripts are still extremely valuable tools when used in conjunction with the new features.


          Put all together and the whole solution becomes much more flexible and powerful. My recommendation would be to find an hour or two play with what is available (start with project exports I reckon) and see where it leads you when you compare what can be done with what you need to do.


          As for the .prj files - well, if nothing else offers you any benefits, they may simplify some of the script commands you need to create.


          I hope this helps you in some way.




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          • Batching with Autoscript vs Project Files
            Steve Caiels



            The project export of Pro also gives the ability to add or replace named ranges/tables in exisiting files.  So you can create a single Excel file with multiple sheets, or an access database with multiple tables.