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    Processor Awareness and Model Question

    Monique _
          • 1. We are having a special computer built and need to know if Monarch is "processor aware".  Apparently if you have two processors, it can slow down your processing if your software is not processor aware.  I would appreciate any help on this.


          • 2.  Does anyone know if I can use DocuAnalyzer models in Monarch?


        • Processor Awareness and Model Question
          Grant Perkins

          Monique, welcome to the forum!


          I can't help you with the first question except to say that I would have thought this was a more significant problem for the operating system rather than an application like Monarch. The performance constraints on my (rather elderly these days) PC have always been related to processing very large files and the demands on disk access rather than CPU or Memory limitations. Or so the performance monitoring system tells me!


          As for your second question, a little searching on the web, then digging into the information provided in a corporate web site that appeared from the search, suggests to me that if you have some models already they may well be of use to you.


          I hope this helps somewhat.




          • Processor Awareness and Model Question
            Monique _

            I talked to Tech Support and they said that Monarch is NOT processor aware and the my DataAnalyzer models would work fine.  This is such good news because the DataAnalyzer product I've been working with doesn't have the multiple footers so I've had to take several passes at the report to collect all the data I need.  Thanks for your reply!