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    Embedding HTML in Exported HTML files

    mattc _

      Question about embedding hyperlinks into HTML files exported from Monarch:


      I am importing a stock list which requires formatting and subsequent export in HTML format for linking to our website.


      I am using a number of calculated fields in order to deal with the various stock conditions (in stock, zero stock, negative stock) which is all working great.


      What I could use, though, is the facility to include a hyperlink/html as or within a calculated field, but I can't make this work, no matter what I try....


      I'm fairly new to Monarch, so I guess I am probably overlooking something obvious - any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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        • Embedding HTML in Exported HTML files
          Mike Urbonas

          Hi Matt. Monarch V8 uses the Office XP components to export HTML files. I assume you have tried to build a text-based calculated field which 'should' yield the correct HTML command to display a hyperlink (such as a link to show the current quote of a stock), but Monarch with the Office XP component assumes you want everything exported as data in a table grid.


          I think using the Monarch Utility could allow you to replace the needed HTML code so a hyperlink is displayed instead.


          (To look at the Monarch Utility go to the Windows Start button, then: Programs -> Monarch -> Monarch Utility. Open it and you can see all the possible capabilities of Monarch Utility, a new extension of the old "Prep" utility (which we still provide...Prep is a longtime companion utility to Monarch, since Monarch 1.0 for DOS!)


          I will look into this further and loop back to you.



          • Embedding HTML in Exported HTML files
            Mike Urbonas

            I have put together a solution which alters the HTML export file using Monarch and Monarch Utility, replacing some HTML code with code enabling a hyperlink.  Look in the upcoming issue of The Monarch Report for the details!  (Link to the article will be provided here as soon as it is available).

            • Embedding HTML in Exported HTML files
              mattc _

              Cheers for the help.

              Link would be appreciated ASAP - I'm getting hassled...